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Our associates frequently speak to business, industry, and health care groups on worksite health promotion, health and productivity management, program evaluation, risk factor costing, integrated health data management systems, and other timely topics in the health management field. Recent presentations include:

  • Designing and Delivering an Integrated Health Management Program

  • Optimizing Employee Health and Productivity: New Innovations in Health Risk Assessment and Risk Reduction

  • The Power of Targeted Wellness Management

  • Making Connections: Integrating Patient with Physician, Early Detection with Intervention, and Worksite Health Promotion with Managed Care Organizations

  • Employers and Health Plans Working Together to Address Employee Health

  • How Management Can Promote and Support an Integrated Health Management Program

  • Systems and Technologies to Improve Your HEDIS Scores

  • Calculating the Financial Cost of Major Risk Factors in Your Organization

  • How to Integrate Obesity into Health Management Interventions

  • Health Care Cost Management Strategies that Work!

  • The Role of Health Risk Appraisal in Health and Productivity Management

  • How to Get the Best ROI Appraisal for your Employee Wellness Program

  • The Importance of Culture Change to Promote Health and Productivity Management

  • Principles of Behavior Change

  • Making the Business Case for Health and Productivity Management

  • Effective Disease Prevention Strategies at the Health Care Roundtable Conference

  • Consumer-Centric Informed Medical Decision Making Approaches in the Workplace





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