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Presenteeism is receiving a lot of attention these days due, in part, to the growing evidence that it can be several times costlier than absenteeism, on-the-job injury, and short-term disability. It is used to describe situations employees are at work but die to illness, stress, personal problems, or other conditions, they are not performing at their optimal capacity.

We offer a comprehensive analysis and report to assist businesses with determining the associated costs of presenteeism within their organization. The report contains a description of methodology, summary of survey responses, and quantification of related costs. We also include a ready-made PowerPoint presentation summarizing the findings.


Case Study

One of the largest endowed charitable foundations formed in the southern United States, as a grant-making organization, aims to provide quality healthcare in the changing environment and create a perpetual pool of resources to enable and sustain the quality of living in the state.

This foundation has reached out for assistance to assess productivity costs for each of its member-organizations, as well as in aggrevate. A self-report instrument was provided to all employees within the member-organizations asking them to rate their perceived level of work impairment due to health-related issues. Using this information, along with the number of hours worked by participants, their average salary date, and number of hours or work missed due to health issues, we provided meaningful data to the foundation that outlined the costs of absenteeism and presenteeism for each organization as well as for all organizations collectively. This data will serve as a baseline measure for the foundation the member-organizations. In the future a second analysis will be conducted that will allow the foundation to re-assess these costs and determine the effectiveness of their efforts to change the local environment and create a healthier community.

For a copy of our presenteeism questionnaire, click on the following link:

Work Production Questionaire