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Our Vision
To be America's premier provider of workforce health and productivity solutions.

Our Mission
Provide each client with strategic, customized, and cost-efficient services.

Nearly three decades ago, we created state-of-the health risk appraisal and claims data analysis tools that continue to serve as today's standards. With the advent of employee fitness programs gaining strength in the 1980s, we provided nationwide consulting and seminars on various topics ranging from facility design and marketing to risk factor evaluation.

As the era of corporate fitness evolved into the business of worksite health promotion (WHP), we wrote the industry's leading worksite health planning book to assist our clients in their day-to-day programming efforts. Simultaneously, we developed, implemented, and evaluated integrated health improvement programs for clients who had recently adopted self-funded and managed care benefit plans.

As quality control and accountability took center stage in the '90s, we wrote the industry's only book on evaluating WHP programs as well as created some of the industry's most efficient ROI methodologies.

When physical inactivity and obesity epidemics appeared several years ago, we developed a public-accessible physical inactivity cost calculator -- in addition to the industry's leading risk stratification tool.

Finally, as health and productivity management issues continue to grow throughout the 21st Century, we've developed HPM-focused business plans and evaluation instruments that measure presenteeism. As a result of our valued history, we recognize the importance of listening to our clients, sharing best practice options, creating customized strategies, and delivering effective solutions.