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Our health risk appraisal (HRA) services include both web-based and print versions of the health risk survey and reports.

Web-Based HRA
Through the online version of the HRA, participants' health risks can be analyzed using a full-featured Internet-based risk evaluation tool designed to evaluate risk management opportunities among the workforce, and promote awareness and healthy behavior change in participants. The HRA evaluates a variety of behavioral and biomedical health risks and other health-related information, including:

  • weight/BMI
  • alcohol use
  • body fat
  • stress
  • blood pressure
  • dental care
  • cholesterol
  • sun exposure
  • triglycerides
  • safety
  • blood glucose
  • allergies
  • exercise
  • medical history
  • nutrition
  • current medications
  • tobacco use
  • work impairment

Health Risk Reports

Personal Health Risk Report. Upon completing the HRA, participants will immediately receive at the website a personal health risk report, which they can view and print out at their convenience.

Physician Summary. A one-page summary of the HRA results that can be shared with the user's health care provider will be available at the user's HRA web page.

Group Summary Report. Group results for each of the health risk areas assessed, as well as risk for specific health conditions, are provided in the group summary report, using both text and helpful tables and charts.

Print-Version HRA
A print version of the health risk assessment is also an option, with the same three reports available in paper format.

Case Study

A nationwide railroad company wanted to conduct health risk assessments among its employee population, but was faced with the difficulty of performing these assessments among its widely dispersed workforce - some in field locations with only two or three employees. Through our web-based HRA, along with some print versions for those few workers who did not have ready access the Internet, we were able to provide the service to over 40,000 employees throughout the country in a very short time frame.