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In planning an expansion of their current worksite health promotion programs, staff members at a large West Coast nutritional supplement distributor firm posed the following questions:

  • How do we really know if our fitness center is paying off?
  • When will the medical self-care program break even?
  • Which of our two smoking cessation programs is the most cost-effective?
  • What is the correlation between wellness points and medical care costs?

Shortly thereafter, the firm called us for insights on how staff could begin to answer some of these questions. Staff members gave us a review of current programs as well as a prioritized listing of their opinions and preferences for program expansion. We provided staff members with a complimentary copy of our Econometrics Booklet to preview before the next meeting. At that time, we jointly established a timeframe with measurable goals for (a) measuring each program's current impact, (b) customized evaluation strategies, and (c) evaluation options to consider using the expanded program.

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