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The past decade has seen unprecedented growth in on-site occupational medical a viable cost containment and productivity enhancement strategy. Our customized analyses not only measure the direct impact of your clinic on employees' health status, productivity, and cost-containment metrics, they also provide strategic implications on how to improve the administrative, operational, and data tracking performance of your facility.

Case Study

In 2004, a mid-size pipe manufacturing company in the Southeast established its first-ever occupational medical clinic, staffed by a full-time nurse practitioner. The nurse practitioner was employed by a local health care system who contracted her services to the company. She was assigned to provide primary care services to employees at the company's administrative, foundry, and plastics divisions. Concurrently, the health care system proposed to have an independent evaluation be done to determine if the new intervention could reduce traditional [off-site] health care use and cost patterns. The company endorsed the idea and our associates were called to conduct a two-dimensional analysis [which is described in detail in the "JOEM" link to the right]. The initial one-year evaluation revealed significant cost-savings to the company, not including additional productivity gains because employees could get their primary care needs addressed on-site, rather than having to leave work. Recently, we were hired to do a follow-up [three-year impact] benefit-cost evaluation to determine if initial cost-savings are being sustained.







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