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Our EconoCalcPRFCA™ reveals an organization's fastest-rising medical claims; most common and expensive claims, inpatient vs. outpatient claims and cost comparisons, risk factor-specific costs, employee vs. dependent breakdowns, and other comparative outcomes.


Case Study

A mid-sized city municipality had amassed several years of retrospectice claims data. Concerned over the city's double-digit medical care cost increase the past three years, the city manager wanted to know (a) whether employees or dependents were largely responsible, (b) the top five costliest conditions and (c) what types of cost containment interventions would be appropriate to slow the city's cost spiral. Our EconoCalc & PRFCA™ was used to analyze the city's data and generate 15 different analyses, including multi-year forecasts. Tapping our extensive database of over 70 million employee and dependent lives, we were able to compare the city's profile against other cities. The report concluded with a series of recommended cost-containment strategies.